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I scream! You Scream! We all scream for ice cream! This unique and ultra-frosty ice cream math game is toppling over with colorful scoops of frozen delights. Designed in painstaking detail, it features a variety of counted ice cream scoops and cones to enable game play. It also has mathematical symbol scoops so that your child can create solvable math problems. Blank scoops and cones are included to write your own values in a dry erase marker. Make learning math as easy as licking the drips off of an ice cream cone with this original Legacy Learning creation. Order now to guarantee availability. All sets are printed on a heavy-duty card stock for added durability.


(1) Set of Ice Cream Math activity mats printed, laminated, and ready to be cut! Including:
(20) Numbered ice cream scoops
(4) Mathematical symbol ice cream scoops – x, -, +, ÷
(24) Blank ice cream scoops for counting or for writing on your own values
(30) Numbered ice cream cones
(15) Blank ice cream cones for counting or for writing on your own values

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