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Number teaching set for toddlers and preschoolers.

The itsy bitsy spider is a cool companion for learning math! Our spider math learning game or Montessori math materials are a wonderful resource for both teachers and home educators. Custom designed in adorable detail, it features one laminated title slide and two math activity mats. Numbered spider cards and foam splat hands will give your little mathlete everything he needs to play!

This versatile math game can be utilized in a variety of ways to instill number recognition and fast learning on the go. It combines number recognition practice and gross-motor development to give your child the best possible start on his math journey. And your child will get a kick out of splatting each spider based on the numbers you call out to him. This is an original Legacy Learning creation. Order now to guarantee availability. All sets are printed on a heavy-duty card stock for added durability.

Included in this set:

  • (1) Title slide - printed and laminated
  • (2) Full web activity mats - labeled with numbered spiders - printed and laminated
  • (20) Numbered spider cards - printed, laminated, and ready to be cut
  • (2) Foam splat hands - colors may vary

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