Pre-K Prep School Curriculum Kit

Pre-K Curriculum Complete Kit for Homeschool Kids Preschool Prep School Sets


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Unique comprehensive preschool learning kit for home schooling.

Change the way your child learns with this engaging and interactive custom curriculum kit from Legacy Learning. Overflowing with an abundance of learning materials, it has been painstakingly designed expressly with your child in mind. It features a parent/instructor’s guide that depicts each and every lesson plan in minute detail. Best of all, it comes with a lidded plastic materials box so the learning can begin the moment it arrives on your doorstep.

At Legacy Learning, we do all the legwork so that your child can set forth on a path of learning from Pre-K onwards without hindrance. Teachers can also benefit from implementing this well thought out curriculum in the classroom to jumpstart their students learning.

A complete PERSONALIZED curriculum set like this has never before been released as one HUGE, all-inclusive, hands-on, high-engagement learning program until now! In just 1 hour per day for the 6-weeks leading up to the beginning of school, we will provide you with themed activities that your child will just love! All together, this set is an over $500 value!

Whenever possible, we laminate the reusable learning sets to create activities that can be utilized over and over again, long after school is back in session, all you need to do it cut! This is an original Legacy Learning creation. All sets are printed on a heavy-duty card stock for added durability.


- 24-page Parent/Educator Guide: detailed descriptions of each lesson with other extension ideas to go even further
- 7 Pocket File Organizing System
- Plastic Material Box w/ Lid
- (6) Weekly Calendars: a basic guide to how each themed week will be broken down - laminated
- Over (50) Unique lessons with all of the materials you will need - you will only need to provide the basics (pencil, paper, crayons, etc..)
- (26) Letter Focus activities
- The Talking Crayon poem
- Color Arrow Puzzles - laminated
- Foam Letter/Number Puzzle Mats
- Muffin Tin Sorting Set w/ colored and numbered circles, laminated
- (30) Pompoms of correlating colors
- Pompom Rainbow activity mat - laminated
- Cut & Paste Rainbow activity
- Shape & Color Playing Cards
- Pipe Cleaner Sorting Set (includes 5 pipe cleaners and 25 colored beads)
- (12) Color Cards - laminated
- (1) Foam Die - for use with many activities
- (10) Playdoh Counting Mats activity
- (10) Playdoh Number Mats activity
- (2) colored doughs - colors will vary
- (1) dry erase marker
- PERSONALIZED Name Tracing activity mat - laminated (please leave child's first and last name in notes at checkout)
- PERSONALIZED Full Name Tracing activity mat - laminated (please leave child's first and last name in notes at checkout)
- PERSONALIZED Name Breakdown activity mat (2 mats if child's name is longer than 5 letters) - laminated (please leave child's first and last name in notes at checkout)
- PERSONALIZED Name Puzzle - laminated
- (2) ABC Order activity mats - laminated
- (1) Chalk for use with multiple activities
- (10) Shape Cards - laminated
- (36) Individual Shapes - laminated for many activities
- (2) Spider Splat Web activity mats - Numbers - laminated
- (2) Spider Splat Web activity mats - Alphabet - laminated
- (20) Spider Splat Numbered Spiders - laminated
- (26) Spider Splat Lettered Spiders - laminated
- Spider Splat foam activity hand
- Bug Discovery Kit - includes bug container w/ magnifying lid, net, and tweezers!
- (2) Bug Graphs activity sheets
- Bug Sorting Jar & Bug activity mat - laminated
- (12) Fish Manipulatives - laminated
- One Fish, Two Fish activity mat - laminated
- (18) Fish Comparative Cards - laminated
- Go Fish! Card Game
- The Money Song
- Play Money - coins and dollars - laminated
- (2) Presidential Coin Matching activity sheets
- (12) Coin Pattern Making strips w/ coins - laminated
- (23) Price Tags - laminated
- Create Your Own Money activity sheet
- (4) 1-5 Farm Puzzles - laminated
- Ice Cube Sorting Set w/ foam stickers for sorting
- Carrot Counting activity
- (9) Farm Animal Cards - laminated

NOTE: If you have already purchased any of the above items from my shop, please note this at checkout (along with the child's first and last name), and I will replace these items with other age-appropriate learning activities!

BONUS! Please make sure to checkout our 2-week Extension Program and our Christian Extension Program to go even further to prepare your child for the upcoming school year! Purchasing all 3 sets at one time will significantly lower shipping costs!

This set contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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