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Transform your child’s learning abilities with this educational summer school curriculum pack from Legacy Learning. Designed to go hand-in-hand with our 6 week Pre-K program, it provides an additional educational push in the right direction. Created for students willing to go that extra mile, it includes an assortment of learning activities and the necessary tools to complete each one. It has a detailed parent/educator guide, which illustrates each activity from start to finish. A lidded plastic box keeps all the materials organized and on hand.
A complete PERSONALIZED curriculum set like this has never before been released as one HUGE, all-inclusive, hands-on, high-engagement learning program until now! In this 2-week set you are receiving over $200 worth of activities and manipulatives to tack onto the end of your 6-week curriculum set to add another 2-weeks to this exciting process.

Whenever possible, we laminate the learning sets to create activities that can be utilized over and over again, long after school is back in session, all you need to do it cut! This is an original Legacy Learning creation. Order now to guarantee availability. All sets are printed on a heavy-duty card stock for added durability.


- 10 page Parent/Educator Guide: detailed descriptions of each lesson with other extension ideas to go even further
- 2-Pocket Organizing Folder
- Plastic Material Box w/ Lid
- (2) Weekly Calendars: a basic guide to how each themed week will be broken down - laminated
- Over (28) Unique lessons with all of the materials you will need - you will only need to provide the basics (pencil, paper, crayons, etc..)
- Bubbles!
- Package of bubble wrap - used for a variety of activities
- Bubble Song
- Bubble Observations activity sheet
- Bubbles manipulatives - laminated
- (27) Bubble Product Cards - laminated
- (2) 1-5 Bubble Puzzles - laminated
- 1-10 Bubble Puzzle - laminated
- (52) Bingo Dabber Letter Cards - 2 sets of 26
- Bingo Dabber
- PERSONALIZED Dough Name Shaping activity mat - laminated (leave child's first and last name in notes at checkout)
- (8) Broken Bubble Puzzles - laminated
- (52) Letter Bubbles - upper and lower - laminated
- Food Pyramid
- My Plate activity mat - laminated
- Beans for counting
- (3) Sheets of Clipart Food - laminated
- (27) Food Comparison Cards - laminated
- Paper plate
- Hungry, Hungry Hippo activity mat - laminated

**This set is intended to be used with the6-Week Pre-K Prep School program. If a certain manipulative is already provided in the initial set, it will not be provided a 2nd time here. All items listed above WILL be included in this set, and any item that you will use from the 1st set will not be listed here, as they are part of the 6-week set. ***

BONUS! Please make sure to check out our Christian Extension Program to go even further to prepare your child for the upcoming school year!

This set contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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